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Glampers are ALL the RAGE

Posted on September 20, 2015 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (7122)


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Your going to like this book if you are even remotely interested in the RV lifestyle or a glamper flipper!

I find that the people running into our shop looking for kitchen glamper and camper items are either people that are putting lipstick on an aleady cool trailer, or they are doing heavy remodels.

The real defining factor on the types of purchases made seems to be if they are living in it full time, having dinners parties in them or using them for weekend getaways!

This one of a kind book boasts "Over 350 beautiful and inspirational photos sit alongside practical tips on restoring, up cycling, decorating and styling a little capsule of retro heaven – whether you own a trailer, beach hut or even a shed!."

Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!



Get the book online or shipped!

Vintage Trailer Style: Buying, Restoring, Decorating & Styling the Small Place of Your Dreams

Why it was quiet here over the weekend

Posted on September 15, 2015 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (22)

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I had a baby shower for my daughter Amanda

She is expecting a baby boy in October! So that is why the facebook page was unusually quiet this weekend. 

Sassman worked the shop Sunday and did a GREAT job but he doesn't do the book of faces as he calls it!

One of my great curators "tall girl" loaned me this large beautiful vintage bassinet. (available for purchase in the shop now) it also has a Raggedy Anne Pad inside with white sheet.

It is in pretty awesome condition and we filled it with shower gifts which made a very nice table scape.

She also made the butterfly burlap banner and the creme colored rag banner that went around the bassinet.

The pennant alternated between burlap and butterfly cloth in the shape of upside down triangles.

The fresh green color was also in the pennant and we used that color to coordinate everything else with, it was a HUGE hit and made it VERY unique baby shower decor!

We finished it off with balloons of green and yellow and big sparkly butterflies.

I then needed a quick shower party favor! My friend Heidi who loves altoids gives me ALL of her tins.

I am SO addicted to the tins (you may see some in the shop) that are all decorated differently with candy in them (we will have a class on altoid art soon).

But for the shower, I made (very quickly) in about an hour, 15 baby themed altoid tins. One for each guest.

I filled them with creamed hard candy and a couple of blue boy kisses!

You want to cover the top, and bottom with decorations and sticker paper.

The great thing about tins is that the receiver has a nice memento and container to store things in after the candy is long gone.

I always reccomend and try to shop local whenever possible.


If you would like to try altoid art as party favors and do not have a supplier of altoid tins friend, you can get a nice 12 pack on Amazon.

Use your prime subscription and get free 2 day shipping too

I recommend the 3x5 ones for optimal decorating area on the top.

You can use these links below to get any materials you may need for any of these small projects like the burlap and butterfly material.

The main objective was to mix vintage with new for a soft and unique baby shower look.

We also had it at a popular china buffet place so we did not need cake because dessert was provided and everyone could choose thier own food and drinks.

Happy Mommy

They let us use the party room for free as long as we paid for our meals for our sassy baby shower.

A good time was had by ALL!

Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry


Let me show you some garden sass!

Posted on July 20, 2013 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (142)

Happy Birthday Dawn with her Suprise Birthday Sign!

This is what makes my day! I always want to know where our creations go!

Sometimes it is dissapointing to me when I do not know where our sass creations live but yesterday was a bonus day!

Not only did I get to see Carrie Chapman Origami Owl the delivery was a breath of fresh air because it allowed me to leave Poulsbo for just a little bit! Plus, we had a great, quick, unplanned, inspirational meeting!! (I swear she is a little psychic) too! :)


Dawn the Birthday girl has a very large organic garden and Carrie wanted her to have something for her love of gardening and something that would have family significance.

The sign is made with up-cycled, re-purposed materials so it is a win, win for this type of gardening, and OH MY GOSH check out her amazing garden!

So jealous! But look...

Dawns Awesome Garden!

Her response to loving the sign was just our icing on the cake. It is not all about money, it's about days like these that make us smile.

Thank you so much Carrie Chapman Origami Owl! You are a good friend to all.

Happy Sassing!!

Vintage old but new chair

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (6)

Flower Chair Found At GoodWill Silverdale, WA on a busy day! I hate crowds.

Before I even saw the price I said "LOOK AT THIS"

Looked at the price tag and it was $2.99!


Worker guy walks up and said: "BUY it we need the space" Yes, it was $2.99

This chair is like brand new vintage that was in a time capsule.

Little did I know the cat would claim it, but heck it was even cheaper than a cat bed and the bonus is it rocks him to sleep!

Bailey The Cat

Register for Getting Started with upholstery!

Look what is coming in!

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (43)

Located today and coming in Friday night! :D

Everyday for about a year now, I have thought to get a blog for the behind the scenes antics of American Sass (this is about the 5 millionth blog I have started since 1999) because I think I might have so much to say and write.

However, today it HAPPENED and guess what? Now I have blog block. I spent most of the day setting up this blog, marketing, posting and locating items that we need to make the sass happen.

My Sassman sais I have too many pokers in the fire too but it is just difficult when you want to do EVERYTHING creative all at once and you get a huge rush when people like and buy your items.

The rush came today when I found this vintage suitcase (above) this will be the second one we will repurpose into a table.

Let me show you the first one!



All made with recycled everything, right down to the paint! Sassman did the work and I was the creative director on this. Sometimes things go as planned and sometimes they take a different direction. Early modge podging was gonna be the plan, but it looked so great white, we kept it that way!

The best part about it? It lives right down the road from me as a Jewelry table/organizer now and it is very well loved by the new owner/friend.

What a life!!

Fall back in love with vintage clothing styles

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One of the things I have learned is that the hardest part about dressing vintage is that authentic vintage clothes run VERY small, soooo the next BEST idea is to dress vintage inspired, we all want authentic- BUT to carry off the look and be happy with the fit is an entirely different story... 


Have I got news for you! ModCloth — the fashion brand you know and love for their vintage-inspired styles — is elevating their look.

Their ModCloth Signature label collection contains even more unique fashions than ever, including a broader range of styles from quirky to classic and retro, plus a bevy of prints, patterns, and hues! Check ‘em out now and find something to suit your every mood and moment.

Just for fun let me show you two of our great authentic vintage outfits from the shop!

This one is still available in the shop at American Sass in Poulsbo  ($39.00 plus tax) and is modeled by Paige (the awesome proprietor of Bon Cheveux salon) - Its french for good hair!

You MUST check out her classy salon that is also in Poulsbo, Wa.

 Authentic Hawwain Vintage 70s outfit modeled by Paige at American Sass -Isnt she great?

She is the awesome proprietor of Bon Cheveux Salon in Poulsbo.

I would SO love to see pictures of your authentic and vintage inspired outfits too (all you have to do is email me) to be a star! haha!

Have a great day!


Lisa J

American Sass

Lets Talk About Pallets Baby!

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Up to 70% off Art Supplies!

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All pallets are required by law to have a stamp on them in regards to how they are weather treated. ONLY choose pallets that have a HT marking that is burned into the side of the pallet.

Some pallets have a MT stamp marking burned into them, you want to AVOID those as they have been chemically treated and are NOT safe for signs, home decor, or furniture use.

If your creative designer is using repurposed wood, ASK!

Stay Safe!



American Sass


Retro and Halloween Costumes Oh MY!

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Classic Retro Costumes

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Online Deals

I HATE driving all over town to get that PERFECT costume! This year I am getting it ahead of time! How about you? 

Pet Costumes Are ALL The Rage

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Pet Costumes

Pets are welcome in our shop too! Sometimes we have treats but we run out pretty quickly!

The pets THEN have to promise to take owners out for a bite to eat! Moms and Dads are SO high maintenance (but they have debit cards) so they can provide a lot of doggy retail therapy!


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Online Pet Deals

Seahawk Sass

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We have many locally made Seahawks items in the shop but check out the online deals from the NFL site too!

Online Deals

Shop for Officially Licensed Seattle Seahawks Fan Gear and Collectibles at

Shop for Officially Licensed Seattle Seahawks Fan Gear and Collectibles at

PS) I only watch to see Pete Carroll!

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Labor Day Sass Deals

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Happy Labor Day! We hope you have a great LONG weekend with no labor and lots of relaxation! The labor day deals are in store and some are online! Hope to see you!


 Online Sass Deal

Ready to cool off? Say “So long, VINTAGE summer” with ModCloth’s Labor Day sale! Shop fresh selections at up to 50% off, with no coupon code required, and stay stylin’ for seasons to come. Whatta Deal!

Deal: 50% markdowns at ModCloth

Start: Thursday 9/1 @ 9am EST

End: Monday 9/5 @ 9 am EST

Online Sass Deal

Save on your holiday grocery food. We are ALL ABOUT saving money! This is a great program to help you do JUST that! It's a must see!

Online Sass Deal

Mercica Made

I just love flags! PLUS, these AWESOME and (sometimes hilarious) flag clothes from our online partner!  10%OFF!

In store SASS  Sale

We will be closed Monday Labor Day. In store sales are from Friday 9/2 -9/9 Online Specials are 25/7 on the interwebs baby!

Speaking of IN STORE! We have 20 percent off ANY Furniture item AND I still have fabulous prizes to give away from now till Saturday at 5pm! 

Have a great weekend & Get Sassed! :D


Lisa J

Ooops! Last ADD ON! Our Small Pallet Flags are also on sale in the store (10% off) and on our esty store site! YeehaW!

Be a Vintage Beauty

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We have a few great legitmate vintage pieces of clothing but we do not have much space in the shop for vintage clothing.

Check out our online partners for great discounts, fast shipping and wonderful VINTAGE inspiration clothes with great same day shipping!

Modcloth is one of your best bets for vintage style dresses AND they EVEN carry plus size up- but they call them extended sizes.

Merica Made is in line with our sassy American flag and patriotic smart sass theme.

Enjoy and let me know what you get!


Lisa J Check Out the GREAT seasonal decor!